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God, Glory and Gold await ye pioneers...

The pioneers of tomorrow are the independent folks today that are united in a spirit of frontiersmanship; the very same spirit our forefathers carried when they first crossed the Atlantic, settled the Wild West, and put a man on the Moon.

However, the frontiers of the 21st century don't simply lie in space. They can be found in entrepreneurship, mass communication, high technology and even governance. For those with a boldness of character and a healthy respect for traditions and faith, the future is yours for the taking - and we'll be here to broadcast it!

Check out the streaming video, blog updates and interactive chats as they develop here, on The Lone Star.


Contributing to The Lone Star

Have something you'd like to add?  We welcome submissions by writers, producers, artists and anyone who's interested in being a part of frontier television.  There's no guarantee to air user-generated content, and anything submitted needs to be clear of copyright and usage restrictions for legal reasons.  But the beauty of the new media is the accessibility afforded to the common man.

Send your thoughts and links to the editor@frontiertelevision.com, and if it has play, it will play - or at least inspire a trend with proper credits to the source.  We're looking for articles to post, videos to stream and any kind of media that our viewers might find compelling.

Also, our production team wants to incorporate independent musicians and bands into the programming here on The Lone Star.  If you're in a band or know individuals who are looking to expand their audience, this is a good opportunity to get a little more recognition.  We'll credit any works we use and link to your web page, online store or charity of choice in trade for your gift of music.  All music submitted needs to be original and available royalty-free to our producers
(as under a Creative Commons license).  E-mail music@frontiertelevision.com if you'd like to help out this way.

So, hit that 'send' button and put your two cents in today.  This needs to involve everyone!


Your Ads Here!

We offer our business partners an exciting variety of advertising opportunities on The Lone Star.  With our innovative video broadcast streaming through a conventional web portal, there are simply more ways to effectively leverage your advertising dollars here than with traditional marketing media.  Fine-tune your targeted strategy with the following options:

Commerical Inserts in our Video Playlist*

Infomercial Programming Opportunities

Scheduled On-Air Mentions in our LIVE Broadcasts

Ad Banners and Web Links on FrontierTelevision.com

*commercial production services are available upon request

In addition to our progressive programming efforts, The Lone Star is also committed to actively expanding our regular audience through brand marketing and social networking avenues.  As we go 'viral,' your Web 2.0 presence will likewise expand, and bring returns on investment that old media just can't compete with.

Contact us to begin your affordable campaign today!



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